Thursday, 25 May 2017

Round 1 NAF pre match show.

Hi Bob and our viewers of this the pre match show of a cracking and tasty first round match up between the Orcs from that famous team the Gouged Eye and the goodie two shoes humans The Bright Crusaders.

Hi Jim yes this looks like the beginning of an excellent season already, it may be long with uniforms being brought and made but we all know about the collapse of the old NAF thanks to that robber and thief who shall not be named, but we all envy him running off with the Darkside Cowboys Cheerleaders. That is of course if they haven't sacrificed him to Khaine.

Yes Bob, that guy isn't called the Three Horned for nothing! But enough about that lucky so and so, we are here for tonight's game and I am really looking forward to it. Other teams are already putting in bids to join but we will see. Tonight we have the Gouged Eye who started out really feeling the loss of Varag Ghoul-Chewer and a totally new roster. They have filled some gaps in searched high and low for players to take on this up and coming Crusaders team. Lets have a look at the roster.

Team: Gouged Eye
Colours: Red and White
Coach: Badsog Naffnog

1. Black Orc Blocker Rotgut GutStuf
2. Thrower Naffzog Durfug
3. Blitzer Skumnok Shrakrot
4. Lineorc Rotury Skaffnug
5. Lineorc Snikthug Snikrot
6. Mugshak Rutnub
7. Black Orc Blocker Utrygul Snagawort
8. Thrower Nargog Skumarg
9. Blitzer Daffarg Naffwart
10. Lineorc Gotzog Nufred
11. Lineorc Gotrog Skumrog
12. Lineorc Nazeg Goburty

12 unknowns Bob but so excited to really get the hurt on for this season. Only Gutstuf the Black Orc has had any real experience in Blood Bowl and only because he killed 3 players in team try outs.

They are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel Jim but this is what the New NAF is all about fresh starts and new faces, but I am sure as Blood Bowl always does stars will be made and deaths will follow, lets have a look at the Bright Crusaders shall we.

Team: The Bright Crusaders
Colours: Yellow, Blue and White
Coach: Jurgen Heesemann

1. Blitzer Mortiz Doernemann
2. Blitzer Erhard Bormann
3. Thrower Hermann Sass
4. Thrower Oswald Rappel
5. Catcher Sebastian Fangohr
6. Catcher Hilmar Halder
7. Lineman Simon Langenohl
8. Lineman Meinrad Gossow
9. Lineman Paul Crasemann
10. Lineman Jakob Wiktorin
11. Lineman Gerlach Floerke
12. Aloys Fels

What a bunch of nobodies Jim.

Yes Bob the only one that truly has heard of them is the local Stone Mason Girt Rockchipper who pre made all their head stones for tonight's match, but you never know they may surprise us yet, I know Coach Heesemann has put the through their paces.

Well the teams are coming out and the crowd is going wild let's head to the pitch.

New new NAF Art work

After spending like seemed like hours making some helmet designs for my teams I came across a French League for the Blood Bowl on PC and some of the things they have done is awesome for Blood Bowl. They did some graphics for different teams and they are so much better than mine could ever be so to have something that looks totally awesome on the blog I have decided to use these ones (if you created them and don't want me to use them please let me know J.Krippler III who made them) once again these are really good and I love them so much.

How good are they we have the Bright Crusaders, Skavenblight Scramblers and the Dwarf Anvils, I think the Norse team will be renamed the Arctic Cragspiders as well to use their helmet design.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Art work

Computer art work, I suck at it badly, but it is needed as a couple of the teams I have chosen for my NAF league don't have a helmet design in the fluff like the more well known teams. I still have the skaven one to do but here are my first two efforts, if anybody is really skilled at this would love a hand :) let me know what you think.

Just waiting for a day off to play the first game.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

The NAF comes to town

Lately the few who follow this blog will have noticed that my love of Blood Bowl is huge indeed. I love it, it got me into this hobby all those moons ago in 1988 and led to other worlds and games. I have been slowly working my way through some Blood Bowl teams and have admitted defeat when it comes to the rules and such, this has led me to come to a conclusion and something to get some painting done.

I have decided to start a 10 team semi solo/other player league for myself.

What the hell are you talking about Brett, well let me explain further and hopefully stop some confusion.

10 teams play each other once each using the new rules for Blood Bowl 2016, like cards for example and anything new in the Season 2 rule book that I am waiting to arrive from the US of A ($50 Ausd or $34 Ausd post free from America, thank you ebay :) )

The 10 teams are as follows:

The Bright Crusader - Humans
Gouged Eye - Orcs
Dwarf Anvils - Dwarves
Skavenblight Scramblers - Skaven
Lowdown Rats - Goblins
Asgard Ravens - Norse
Darkside Cowboys - Dark Elves
Elfhiem Eagles - High Elves
Chaos All Stars - Chaos Pact
Underworld Creepers - Underworld Denizens

Each of these teams will play each other once and the top 4 will go into a finals league knock out where 1st will play 4th and 2nd will play 3rd for their spot in the finals.

These games will be solo games unless I can talk someone or two into playing a game and we take a team each and enjoy some Blood Bowl fun and a chin wag on the way (feel free to pop in for a game anybody close to the Blue Mountains near Sydney folks!) Each of the games will be photographed and a match report will be written and put on the blog for everyone to enjoy (hopefully you all will). I have never written a battle/match report so hopefully it turn out ok.

For two teams to play each other they must be fully painted (this is where I may hit a stumbling block but hopefully it will get me to pull my finger out and paint some more.)

I have a couple of teams in stages of paint and at the moment the Dwarf Anvils are on the production line. As teams buy new players they will be painted and added to the line up for example if the Bright Crusaders have some real good money results they buy and ogre then I purchase an ogre and paint him up and boom he is on the team!

Basic box set teams are the go here I think to start off, like my humans have 2 Throwers and 2 Catchers and 2 Blitzers, I usually buy 4 Blitzers to begin with. I did this as it was quicker and less expensive to start a new team, some teams will be made up of my 2nd edition figures like my Darkside Cowboys and my Chaos All Stars.

You may even see some After Market teams like Norse for example.

Love these Norsemen, I honestly think they are better then the GW ones produced all those moons ago.

Check out Comixininos as well for other teams great site and heaps of cool stuff available.

So they are the rules and I will keep you updated if anything new happens and a rule rears it's head.

So without further reading I would love to introduce the first pairing of teams that are fully painted and ready to get going in this league.


These two champions of the Blood Bowl Pitch will be facing each other in a classic match up of Blood Bowl to kick off the season (and they are both painted......gasp!) So leave a comment tell me which teams you are looking forward to seeing on the pitch, who will win, who will crash and burn and who will lift the mighty Blood Bowl trophy.

I can almost hear the roar of the crowd :)

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Fantasy Warlord Rules

Hi All

Whilst doing endless hours of work for the past 20 days I was thinking about different sets of rules for Fantasy Gaming. Now don't get me wrong Warhammer 3rd is still my fav but I always like to see different sets and pluck what I want from them, so being the case with htis set, Fantasy Warlord. Does anybody have a set they wish to part with if they have a spare or something. Would love my own copy but cannot afford to pay ebay prices for. Would be great if someone read this and let me know (if anybody reads this at all)

Friday, 17 March 2017

2nd Edition Blood Bowl

Further to my post about how awesome "Old Bowl" was I found some of my old mini's that I painted back in the day.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Days of old

With the new release of Blood Bowl last year I was wondering about a couple of things.

 As much as I love Blood Bowl now I very much miss the 2nd edition of the game.

 I miss that each team had set positions on their roster like lineman, blitzers, throwers and blockers. Why did they add things like troll slayers and such? They Warhammered Blood Bowl for the worse.

I liked in 2nd edition that you could roll up your own star players with the star player book one of my fav things.

I have 2 copies of this awesomeness but stupidly cut the cards out :-(

I was not a fan of the 3rd edition miniatures I thought the 2nd edition ones were way better (but I may be old fashioned)
3rd edition Orcs with Black Orcs added for Warhammerness
2nd edition Orc's Much better with Blitzers, Catchers ! (yes orcs used to have catchers as well.)

Kickers meant something in the game back in 2nd edition. Miss them as well.

You didn't need to roll to pick up a ball, these were the days when a failed action didn't end your turn. You could also move your players down the field and block someone.

I do love the new edition but if anybody is feeling in a 2nd edition mood look me up for a game I would really love a game.

P.S the pitch was better as well I miss the old one.