Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Please welcome Jarl Agnar Bollisson

So a bit of painting time and I have completed my general Jarl Agnar Bollisson a level 20 hero for my Norse army, I am very happy with the starter Viking army form Warlord it is very good and I am very happy with it.

So the Jarl is armed with a Magic Sword called Leg Biter that has Fireblade and Parrying abilities, a Magic Shield called Spell Chewer that is Spell Tempered he also has Light Armour as well to try and stay alive. Coming in at 178 points.

I did sit down and have a good think about naming his weapons and shield, very important I think for a character to have an identity with named weapons, now I know in the army list it is a sword and the mini has an axe but I think Norse miniatures look better with axes. So long as my opponent knows from the get go.

Going to have to take better photo's I think my poor old Samsung 4. Will talk to my sister she is a good photographer.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Where have I been and the black dog and a question!

It has been a long time since I posted on here or even put paint to brush to miniature. It is something I have really missed and put on the back burner but life gets in the way some times. Well after a divorce and a bad dose of the black dog I am back, it is at this time I want to thanks my family who got me through this shit time in my life, even when you are having the blackest of days and all hope seems lost there is always that pin prick of light in the dark, even if it is a pin prick it is still a light that shines forward. So here I am now ready to face life again and more time on my hands to get back to the things that bring me joy.

What would be the first thing I would do I wondered. I have spoken on here many years back about a Norse Army, I went out and got Viking Starter Army from Warlord Games so I will be using them as the bulk of the troops, and Gripping Beast and others for hero's and such.

Norse is something I have always wanted as an army since I was young and first read the Warhammer rule book and saw the section on humans and they mentioned the Norse humans. I was hooked and then White Dwarf 107 came out and an army list for them, I was double hooked and really wanted them bad. Growing up in country NSW didn't really help me hobby wise. Warhammer I brought in a shop called Galaxy Bookshop in 1988 when my family went to Sydney for a holiday, we would goto Sydney every couple of years for a holiday.

Now with all this extra time on my hands I am free from control and get to see some of the money I earn now without a major argument. I don't have that much spare cash that I can just buy 80's Norse from GW but I would like to get a few packs of foundry for the reruns of the 80's stuff and their own vikings which I love but postage to Australia is not friendly whoever you buy from, why does Australia have to be so far away from everything.........curse my luck.

Not to worry though I soldier on and keep going forward, which brings me to my next question Norse Dwarves what do others use I love the GW ones but price kills me is there any good norse dwarf miniatures from other companies that fit on a 20x20 base and don't overhang to much so they can rank up?

So with a love of the vikings show I am away got the box set a couple of days ago just need some 20 x 20 bases now for the first few test figures. When I can work it out I will post my 3000 point army list for the army so far no norse dwarves but need to get some slayers for sure.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Germany's finest in the flesh :)

Thank you to germany's finest try it if you are able people, you will not be disappointed!!!!

Game Night

Here we go great game of Judge Dredd tonight, only my son didn't play because he was watching net flix  but good time for all involved. I managed a win with Judge Death and a murder crime very fitting and about 3 litres of Germany's finest ☺ good rime for all, next will be block mania.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Excel hope it works :(

Here is the link to the excel sheet, it should open, the first one is a blank sheet then are my armies I am working on like my 3000 point undead army

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3 army excel sheet

Well here it is the WFB3 Army sheet I designed for myself, hopefully others may find it useful. Included are my armies I am working on at the moment just hope somebody finds it useful could be used for other editions as well.

Think I worked it out follow the below link.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Still alive :0

Well it has been ages since any posting, and I am still alive. I have been getting smashed at work and hope in the next couple of days to post something worth while, I have been doing some "oldhammer" in between shifts and such and hope to post them here for the world to see (if anybody even reads this anymore). I have been using my spare time to finish off my 3000 Point undead army and tweeked the list to where I think it should be ok for games and scenario's I want to write to get my mates involved. I also am planning a trip to Ireland to see my wife's grandmother, so if any Oldhammer players want to meet up for a game and a chin wag let me know please. More later though on that. For now my next project will be a Norse Army using my excel army builder I used and made from a 6th edition one. Hopefully I can use it here and post it for anybody that wants to use it. Until soon then happy oldhammering people!!