Sunday, 26 March 2017

Fantasy Warlord Rules

Hi All

Whilst doing endless hours of work for the past 20 days I was thinking about different sets of rules for Fantasy Gaming. Now don't get me wrong Warhammer 3rd is still my fav but I always like to see different sets and pluck what I want from them, so being the case with htis set, Fantasy Warlord. Does anybody have a set they wish to part with if they have a spare or something. Would love my own copy but cannot afford to pay ebay prices for. Would be great if someone read this and let me know (if anybody reads this at all)

Friday, 17 March 2017

2nd Edition Blood Bowl

Further to my post about how awesome "Old Bowl" was I found some of my old mini's that I painted back in the day.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Days of old

With the new release of Blood Bowl last year I was wondering about a couple of things.

 As much as I love Blood Bowl now I very much miss the 2nd edition of the game.

 I miss that each team had set positions on their roster like lineman, blitzers, throwers and blockers. Why did they add things like troll slayers and such? They Warhammered Blood Bowl for the worse.

I liked in 2nd edition that you could roll up your own star players with the star player book one of my fav things.

I have 2 copies of this awesomeness but stupidly cut the cards out :-(

I was not a fan of the 3rd edition miniatures I thought the 2nd edition ones were way better (but I may be old fashioned)
3rd edition Orcs with Black Orcs added for Warhammerness
2nd edition Orc's Much better with Blitzers, Catchers ! (yes orcs used to have catchers as well.)

Kickers meant something in the game back in 2nd edition. Miss them as well.

You didn't need to roll to pick up a ball, these were the days when a failed action didn't end your turn. You could also move your players down the field and block someone.

I do love the new edition but if anybody is feeling in a 2nd edition mood look me up for a game I would really love a game.

P.S the pitch was better as well I miss the old one. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone, been a long time just wishing every one a happy new year and hope you all had a great christmas. Which brings me to the second point of this post. I have made a promise to post more and show you guys what is going on in the world of the Davis Clan hobby wise more in the new year. Stay tuned have a couple of days off coming up so have heaps of things to photograph and put up here.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Come back home!

Been a while since I have posted but I seem to be coming back to this every now and again. I have been busy painting Space Wolves for 40k (new edition) and also working out 1000 point armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 5th edition and painting a Dwarf force for this. Also a mate at church has just got into oldhammer and has brought the 3rd edition rules, so excited to finally get my Undead on the field of battle against what ever he brings. So need to get my Skull Chucker sorted. Does anybody have the Army Builder for 3rd edition and is it worth the dollars? Also after a copy of 5th edition Warhammer Magic box set if anybody has it. Need to pull my finger out and take some photo's.