Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Still alive :0

Well it has been ages since any posting, and I am still alive. I have been getting smashed at work and hope in the next couple of days to post something worth while, I have been doing some "oldhammer" in between shifts and such and hope to post them here for the world to see (if anybody even reads this anymore). I have been using my spare time to finish off my 3000 Point undead army and tweeked the list to where I think it should be ok for games and scenario's I want to write to get my mates involved. I also am planning a trip to Ireland to see my wife's grandmother, so if any Oldhammer players want to meet up for a game and a chin wag let me know please. More later though on that. For now my next project will be a Norse Army using my excel army builder I used and made from a 6th edition one. Hopefully I can use it here and post it for anybody that wants to use it. Until soon then happy oldhammering people!!

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