Thursday, 25 May 2017

Round 1 NAF pre match show.

Hi Bob and our viewers of this the pre match show of a cracking and tasty first round match up between the Orcs from that famous team the Gouged Eye and the goodie two shoes humans The Bright Crusaders.

Hi Jim yes this looks like the beginning of an excellent season already, it may be long with uniforms being brought and made but we all know about the collapse of the old NAF thanks to that robber and thief who shall not be named, but we all envy him running off with the Darkside Cowboys Cheerleaders. That is of course if they haven't sacrificed him to Khaine.

Yes Bob, that guy isn't called the Three Horned for nothing! But enough about that lucky so and so, we are here for tonight's game and I am really looking forward to it. Other teams are already putting in bids to join but we will see. Tonight we have the Gouged Eye who started out really feeling the loss of Varag Ghoul-Chewer and a totally new roster. They have filled some gaps in searched high and low for players to take on this up and coming Crusaders team. Lets have a look at the roster.

Team: Gouged Eye
Colours: Red and White
Coach: Badsog Naffnog

1. Black Orc Blocker Rotgut GutStuf
2. Thrower Naffzog Durfug
3. Blitzer Skumnok Shrakrot
4. Lineorc Rotury Skaffnug
5. Lineorc Snikthug Snikrot
6. Mugshak Rutnub
7. Black Orc Blocker Utrygul Snagawort
8. Thrower Nargog Skumarg
9. Blitzer Daffarg Naffwart
10. Lineorc Gotzog Nufred
11. Lineorc Gotrog Skumrog
12. Lineorc Nazeg Goburty

12 unknowns Bob but so excited to really get the hurt on for this season. Only Gutstuf the Black Orc has had any real experience in Blood Bowl and only because he killed 3 players in team try outs.

They are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel Jim but this is what the New NAF is all about fresh starts and new faces, but I am sure as Blood Bowl always does stars will be made and deaths will follow, lets have a look at the Bright Crusaders shall we.

Team: The Bright Crusaders
Colours: Yellow, Blue and White
Coach: Jurgen Heesemann

1. Blitzer Mortiz Doernemann
2. Blitzer Erhard Bormann
3. Thrower Hermann Sass
4. Thrower Oswald Rappel
5. Catcher Sebastian Fangohr
6. Catcher Hilmar Halder
7. Lineman Simon Langenohl
8. Lineman Meinrad Gossow
9. Lineman Paul Crasemann
10. Lineman Jakob Wiktorin
11. Lineman Gerlach Floerke
12. Aloys Fels

What a bunch of nobodies Jim.

Yes Bob the only one that truly has heard of them is the local Stone Mason Girt Rockchipper who pre made all their head stones for tonight's match, but you never know they may surprise us yet, I know Coach Heesemann has put the through their paces.

Well the teams are coming out and the crowd is going wild let's head to the pitch.

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