Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Game time Gouged Eye V's Bright Crusaders


Welcome back sports fans we are moments away from the kick off and I for one am really looking forward to it. What about you Bob are you ready for the new season?

Yes I am ready I am more excited than a halfling at an all you can eat buffet Jim. Looking now I see the teams having the usual team photo and they both look ready for the game Jim.

Even now the captains are making their way to the middle of the pitch for the coin toss. I hear the coin is a special edition coin struck just for this occasion Bob.

I hear hear it is worth more than some teams Jim and may prove tempting to the goblin fans to make a disappearance.

The coin is tossed in the air and the Bright Crusaders captain Mortiz Doememann calls heads. Its heads and the Crusaders elect to receive the ball. Gouged Eye captain Daffarg Naffwart looks happy with that decision by the Crusaders and even happier with his new shiny coin. So while we wait for the Referee to be stretchered of we can tell you that it is perfect Blood Bowl weather today and 19000 fans are waiting to get it underway Bob.

19000 fans Jim? 11000 here for the Eye by the looks of it Jim.

The ball is ready and Nazeg Goburty kicks it long toward the Crusaders left hand side line. The ball sails threw the air and looks to be coming down in bounds.

Jim look over towards the other side of the pitch, it looks like these sets of fans cannot take the excitment anymore and a riot has broken out already in the stands.

Well that didn't take long Bob the first kick off and we have to wait even longer for some play as the official's sort out this mess and clear the bodies.

Well it was to much for some for the return of the NAF Jim. Good to see that is why Blood Bowl fans are the most passonate in the world, excellent team spirit Jim.

Well mean while the ball lands and the Crusaders are pushing up the left side of their pitch. Doememann has it and is harder to catch than a dwarf with a pot of gold. He makes his way through the defence and looks set to score. He puts extra effort into his running and falls over Bob! He looked set to score there, buts goes down, if the Crusaders are quick they can still come back from this and open the scoring.

The Eye are trying to pull back some defenders Jim put they look like they should of put some more time into conditioning to get quicker. What do you think Jim.

Conditioning is never a problem Bob when you are dead but if Doememann isn't quick enough he may get caught and be making an appearance with the Champions of Death next time. He gets to his feet and picks up the ball and heads to the endzone and SCORES Bob, the first score goes to the Bright Crusaders and their captain Doememann. 1 nil to the Crusaders Bob.

What a play so quick and they slammed it in. The Crusader boys looked like they have come to play Jim.

Indeed Bob can the Eye answer that?

The teams line up and there is the kick deep into the Eye's half. The Eye pick up the ball and run it up the centre of the field Nargog Skumarg the thrower has it and doesn't look like he with give it up easy Bob.

Yep looks like he will try and drive it all the way Jim. Wow did you see that block from Urtygul Snagawort the Black Orc on Paul Crasemann the defenceless Lineman. He has knocked him into the middle of next week and he is not getting up, first casualty to the Eye Jim.

Nice one from Snagawort Bob, text book pain. Skumarg drives the ball down field but it looks like, yes it does to late half time and the Eye are 1 nil down going into the half time break.

A word from our sponsor's and we will return.

Welcome back and we are just about to kick off again here. The Crusaders kick off and the ball is returned by Skumarg returns the short kick. Wow Snagawort has dropped another Crusader like a bad habit. This time though he isn't moving he is not moving Bob, our first kill of the season!

Not now Jim the medical team of the Crusaders have revived him and those herbs and healing potions are worth every penny. Lucky for Gerlach Floerke bet he is praising Nuffle for that Jim.

Yes Bob I'm sure he is but now Snagawort has two casualties and looking strong, I think the Eye have found some hitting power in him. Skumarg runs the ball to half way and BAM gets levelled by Doemamann in a last ditch effort. Looks like Snagawort has dropped the ball and it's been picked up by Crusader's Catcher Hilmar Halder. What a game Doemamann is having Bob.

Halder has broken free and is on his way to score again for the Crusader's. Wow just like that 2 nil to the Crusaders Bob.

Yeah but the Eye are 2 nil up in casualties, that's were it counts Jim.

Well here comes the next kick Bob and the Eye are struggling to put points on the board and compete with the Crusaders.

Amazing  Snagawort has hit Gerlach Floerke again and this time he isn't coming back, not a death Bob but a broken jaw this time, wow Bob that looked painful.

Well Jim he should of stayed off the first time, at least the pain factor was less before the medical crew got to him.

Well it is hard to feel pain when he was brought back from dead Bob.

No excuse Jim Blood Bowl players should be used to it, but muffled groans through a broken jaw is just embarassing, what a baby.

Skumarg returns the ball and heads to the Eye's right side this time. Skumarg launches a pass to the Eye captain Naffwart and he makes his way down the sideline. The seconds are ticking away and it looks like he will score. A dodge and he is in Naffwart scores, but it is to little to late. As the ref blows his whistle and that's all she wrote folks Bright Crusaders 2 Gouged Eye 1, but the Eye win the casualties thanks to Snagawort's 3 casualties.

Thanks for watching and we look forward to our next game between the Dwarf Anvils and the Skavenblight Scramblers.

What a game I want to thank my mate Grant for playing and helping me out with the game.

In the end the Crusaders won 2-1 and went down 3-0 in casualties. Crusader fan factor went up to 2 and the Eye's stayed at 1. The Crusaders get 50,000 gp and the Eye 20,000 for the game.

Thanks for reading please leave a comment and let me know if this format for match reports is ok or if a turn by turn is better.

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